Baghouse and Bagfilter

  • Fabric dust collectors are commonly known as bagfilters and Baghouses are the most efficient and cost effective dust collector models. Dust enters the fabric filter compartment. Larger particles drop out while smaller dust particles collect on filter Bags.

  • The primary function of a cyclone is to separate dust from a gas stream. After separation, the dust discharges out the bottom of the cyclone and air discharges through the top exhaust. Cyclones (or centrifugal collectors) create a ‘cyclonic’ or centrifugal force, similar to water going down a drain, to separate dust from the polluted air stream.

  • Since its founding, ShayanTarh has grown to become a conveyor designer and manufacturer and drive systems selector. ShayanTarh designs, builds and installs all types of bulk material handling and processing systems. Equipment included in our systems design works are:

  • The design of the stack takes into consideration the gas velocity in the stack, the material of the stack, the height of the stack as well as its appropriate foundation.

  • As a steel structure supplier with more than 50 experiences in Iran, ShayanTarh team is well versed in all aspects of steel structure design, engineering and erection to meet virtually any project need no matter how small or large.

  • Ductwork connects our apparatus with upstream and downstream equipment. the goal is to reduce the heat loss of the flue gas to a level that will prevent acid or moisture condensation in the downstream equipment, requiring the use of thermal insulation protected by external siding.

  • Fans play an important role in influencing the overall economy of many process plants.ShayanTarh extensive experience in the application of fans of all sizes means a lead to suit the performance characteristics and materials appropriate to your needs.

  • Wet scrubbers are industrial devices for removing dust from gases by spraying liquids. These de-dusting device compared to the others, have some advantage.

  • The conditioning tower is used to reduce the temperature and to increase the moisture level of the gas, before it is passed through the dedusting equipment. It is called a conditioning tower because it conditions the hot gas, thus making it more suitable for the dedusting equipment to extract dust from it.

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