We are an engineering and manufacturing company supplying dedusting equipment, Baghouse, Electrostatic precipitator (ESP), Hybrid Filter, Bagfilter, Gas conditioning tower, Cyclone. The group have great knowledge in different industry production processes as well as manufacturing facilities for spare parts: cage , venturi , discharge electrode, collecting electrode, forged hammer; electrical control unit: pulse on demand controller of baghouses, low and high voltage controller of ESPs and also, ductwork, fan, steel structure, stack, material handling device, …

Main Air Pollution Control Equipment

Hybrid Filter

Hybrid Filter

Hybrid filter has been developed by closely integrates ESP and fabric filter technologies into a durable, cost-effective device that produces superior filtration results.

Baghouse and Bagfilter

Baghouse & Bagfilter

Fabric dust collectors are commonly known as Bagfilters and Baghouses are the most efficient and cost effective dust collector models. Dust enters the fabric filter compartment. Larger particles drop out while smaller dust particles collect on filter Bags. Larger particles drop out while smaller dust particles collect on filter Bags.

Electrostatic Precipitator


Electrostatic Precipitators have been used in many industries such as cement, steel, aluminum, copper, petrochemical and power plant. ESP is a large, industrial emission-control unit and can handle large gas volumes with a wide range of inlet temperatures, pressures, dust volumes, and acid gas conditions.

Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

The conditioning tower is used to reduce the temperature and to increase the moisture level of the gas, before it is passed through the dedusting equipment. It is called a conditioning tower because it conditions the hot gas, thus making it more suitable for the dedusting equipment to extract dust from it.



The primary function of a cyclone is to separate dust from a gas stream. After separation, the dust discharges out the bottom of the cyclone and air discharges through the top exhaust. Cyclones (or centrifugal collectors) create a ‘cyclonic’ or centrifugal force, similar to water going down a drain, to separate dust from the polluted air stream..

Wet scrubber


Wet scrubbers are industrial devices for removing dust from gases by spraying liquids. These de-dusting device compared to the others, have some advantage.