We are an engineering and manufacturing company supplying dedusting equipment, Baghouse, Electrostatic precipitator (ESP), Hybrid Filter, Bagfilter, Gas conditioning tower, Cyclone. The group have great knowledge in different industry production processes as well as manufacturing facilities for spare parts: cage , venturi , discharge electrode, collecting electrode, forged hammer; electrical control unit: pulse on demand controller of baghouses, low and high voltage controller of ESPs and also, ductwork, fan, steel structure, stack, material handling device, …

Air Pollution Control

Pure, clean air is nature’s gift to mankind and every living being has a right to it. But in today’s world, a deep breath of pure, clean air appears to be a luxury thanks to dedusting equipment. Grasping to that goal, encourage us to leap forward and establish a company that is named ShayanTarh. 

Other Products

Since its founding, ShayanTarh has grown to become a conveyor designer and manufacturer and drive systems selector. ShayanTarh designs, builds and installs all types of bulk material handling and processing systems.  

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